The Independent Party has been established to provide all Connecticut residents an alternative political organization dedicated to ensuring open, honest government, with realistic objectives.

The Independent Party is open to all electors without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, creed, gender, or religious beliefs. We welcome the participation by any and all Connecticut residents who desire to join the Independent Party and participate in its goals and objectives.

The Independent Party hereby dedicates itself to ensuring that all regular meetings and conferences will be conducted openly, and invites members and nonmembers alike to attend these meetings.

The Independent Party invites and solicits all residents of Connecticut to become active members and participate in a movement to bring honest, open, non-partisan problem-solving to government; to promote responsible and sustainable governmental policies; to fight corruption; and to promote ballot access for citizens who want to be public servants.

The Independent Party provides assurance that it will strive to protect all of Connecticut’s assets; improve and maintain them through a continuing, rigorous plan of action designed to enhance the economic well being of all Connecticut residents.

The Independent Party is committed to succeed in returning Connecticut to the esteemed position it once enjoyed through the proper usage of all its resources and economic potential.